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The Origins of Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger Game is a sport and one of the most popular games in China. It is a mix of football and rugby, but with an emphasis on “tiger”. Played on a rectangular field, the game has a set of 10 players from each team. Each team has 3 attackers, 3 defenders and 1 goal keeper. There are also 4 substitutes in a game, for a maximum of 20 players per team. The game is played with the standard size football. The goal keeper’s role is to defend the goal. The main rules are:

Attackers are allowed to throw the ball to other players from their team.

Defenders cannot move more than 2 meters from their defensive position.

If a defender tries to touch the ball, he must restart his movement from the place where he touched the ball.

The attacker has to kick the ball first, but the defender has to kick the ball out of the field within 3 seconds of receiving the ball.

If a defender touches the ball, it is a penalty for the attacker, who must kick the ball out of the field within 3 seconds.

At the end of each game, the winner is the team who manages to score more goals. A goal is scored by kicking the ball through the opponent’s goal line.

The number of goals is counted as a win.

Dragon Tiger Game is played in many universities, schools and junior high schools in China. In recent years, it has gained a lot of popularity, especially among young people.

how to play dragon tiger game? Dragon Tiger Game was developed by the KMT Sports Club in Taiwan in the 1950s. At the time, there was no football in China. So, the team members came up with their own idea to create a ball game, to be played on a rectangular field. A goal keeper was not included in their idea, because Chinese people had no experience playing football in the countryside. At the time, China was still under the rule of the Kuomintang, and the military controlled sports.

Welcome to the world of virtual games

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Play roulette online

An online game refers to that kind of game that can be played through the internet using any kind of device like a mobile or computer or laptop based on the convenience to the player. Usually, it refers to the various video games that can be played via the internet facility. Here the multiple players can be in different places anywhere in the world. Online gaming is also related to online gambling that can be done via the internet. Which is mainly through online poker rooms as well as online casinos.

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