In today’s scenario, where everything under the sun is all about money, we tend to shift towards circumstances that place us in a very comfortable, wealthy, and extravagant position. It has become an everyday thing for us, and there is no surprise that we have innovated new ways to deceive, manipulate and make money. One of them is online gambling. As the name suggests, it refers to a form of online betting or wagering something of a particular value with a desire to win something else of value. It has become quite a trend, and many do consider it as a depiction of their status. Many adults and youngsters consider it as a means of passing away their time, and no wonder studies reveal that it is the fastest-growing online category in the past few years.

Globally, the worth of situs slot online is estimated to be about thirty billion USD. It is because the current technology isn’t healthy enough to refrain children and youth from making money online. The usage levels have shot up, and this proves that many of the payment restrictions on websites are no longer a barrier to the youth.

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Impact on youth:

There are different forms to online gambling- poker, casino, and sports betting, to mention a few. Teenagers form a large part of the population that becomes victims of online gambling as they are instantly drawn to it with the hope of making fast money. Moreover, there are youth who get pulled into it due to peer pressure and with a mindset to boost self-image. However, a loss in online gambling can lead to a drop in self-esteem and also trigger anxiety and depression. It can also result in youth going to the extent of stealing and defrauding people, who might succumb to this form of addiction.

For many problem gamblers, it’s not quitting gambling that’s the biggest challenge, but rather staying in recovery and making a permanent commitment to stay away from gambling. While further research is needed in the area of Internet gambling, raising the issue to the public fore will only serve to better prepare for, and prevent future problems.