Betting and gambling might sound fun, but it is an addiction that is harmful to a person. People lose money, properties, and lives in some cases. Betting can be done on many different things, but one prominent thing on which a lot of betting happens is “SPORTS.”

The legality of gambling

In India, Betting on horse races is legal. All the big-league businessmen show interest in horse racing and bet on different aspects of the sport. Laws of betting on any sport are a state’s affair in India.It is observed that many cases of betting that surfaced in the past years were mostly related to cricket. Cricket is a religion in India. The three things that keep Indians entertained are Bollywood, politics, and Cricket. Cricket is the biggest sport in this nation; having a premier league of its own makes sense. Hence, the IPL- Indian Premier League. With the rise of IPL in 2008, many other sectors also benefitted. From players from different countries and states to the daily laborers at the stadiums, everyone in this spectrum benefitted.

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Along with them, the rise of sports bookies was also observed. In recent times, during the IPL 2020, Central Crim Branch (CCB) conducted a full-length investigation in Bengaluru and arrested 42, and recovered cash worth 1.5CR from them. A total of 25 cases were booked in Bengaluru alone within the span of IPL 2020. The police said that the people placing bets were youth who worked in hotels, bars, supermarkets, and eateries. In many different reports relating to the same crime, police released the accused list, and most of them were teenagers trying to make a living in bustling cities.

Enjoy slot gacor but don’t indulge in anything illegal related to it. Sport is a mode of entertainment. Let us keep it that way.